Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Craze Update!

Hey Crazy Crazers! xmelonypetloverx (Meme) Here, you might of seen all the posts have disappeared except from the very first one, NO NEED TO PANIC, we haven't been hacked just updated the sight... Well more like a restart anyway! Why? We all knew craze was going down hill and need to fix it so me, Ary (angelinablack) allz (MissBieberFan) and lib have been working towards fixing the sight with brand new features and improvements? So what are they?
1. Deleting all the posts for a fresh new start.
2. Hiring more bloggers since we've had a lot of complaints about the lack of posts.
3. A guide on how to be excepted for trial, how to pass your trial and blogging rules
4. New and stricter rules;
a) All members must post at least once a week unless they have a valid reason
Valid reasons include: Tests, homework, no wifi, school trip, depression, sickness, broken computer/laptop, unable to get on to woozworld, blogger not working, family problems and no time.
b) If you fail to post at least once a week 5 times or if you make a really bad, unusefull post 5 times you will be kicked, once you get to 3 in either, a owner or admin helper will warn you
5. Admin helpers) Admin helpers are the equivalent to our old co-owners but are not admins on craze. One has already been selected, congratulations: Libbyloolaloo c;
6. We're going to make an official trailer made by me :D
7. About the members page: Update on that soon. (:
8. Instead of keeping this design we will have a theme for each season (winter, spring, summer, autumn)

More about new bloggers and posts: If you wish to apply click the link below:

I'll personally be posting:
Tuesday- Fashion notebook 2014
Friday: Shophunt 2014
Sunday:  Guess the song contest or Hot Topics for the whole week if nobodys done it yet
I'll also be posting craze updates once a month (:

Notice for bloggers please DO NOT add any labels i'll do them myself so we don't end up with too many like before!

Signing off
(signoff soon) 

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