Thursday, October 16, 2014

New Outfits WOAH!

Hey Guys Its Cam 

Today i am talking about NEW! hair's that were released TODAY! and just a basic review so lets get started. 

So this is the Girl Hair 
It is so COLORFUL that pink is so bright and it is like a rocker type hair which it is stylish and it is AMAZING it will make you look stylish and it is just instantly makes me want the hair SO baldly. I do not believe that the hair has a name but i would called it FABULOUS... haha. 
This is so AWESOME it makes me want to buy it so badly. Do you see the price it so cheap! i was so surprised also it has the vaccine with it . The blue is on "FLEEK" haha it makes the hair POP and has a certain kind of tone to it which makes it look stylish imagine you being able to color that. Phew that will make me go crazy.

-Cam xoxo

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