Tuesday, November 4, 2014

*New Sign Off*

Hey Crazers! So I finally made a winter theme sign off. It took me 30 minutes.. cause I am in a rush for who knows why. But here it is! Btw I do have the full Yeti Bomber outfit, but I just wanted to add some other items to make it unique! So here it is.... xD
To edit this picture I used: (click on the links below to check the editors out.)
And if anyone would like some edits, just send me a few pictures preferably with a green/white background and email it to me @ shayshayxoxo.woozen@gmail.com (click the name.) I would love to do more edits. When you email me, just make sure if you have a certain background or theme in mind send it to me so I know! xD 
 I hope you like it, so yeah! I'll make a longer post soon! Bye Lovely's xoxo. 

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