Thursday, December 11, 2014


Hey Crazers, hgiudhgkj <<< I literally tried to type and sneeze. Okay, bye. But anyways, this is a basic post about me.. Cause I just got back from my Choir concert, it was AMAZING. And the former Choir students, oh my sexyy (The guys of course.) My hair is full of hairspray, my pantyhose has a hole, but anyways here are 20 facts about me (;!!
1.) I <3 Singing… like it's my get away.
2.) I like to draw, but only when I want to…
3.) I sometimes like to act, like in drama, and plays.
4.) I'm 14 (; (My birthday is March 9th if anyone cares…)
5.) My best friends are all prettier then me ;c -THANK YOU MAKEUP
6.) Single Pringle (; -Boys only want love if it's torture, don't say I didn't say i didn't worn ya.-
7.) Blank Space is one of the best songs I've personally heard by TayTay
8.) I''m 5'9'
9.) I wear size 91/2 in shoes almost 10 ;( in woman, I have HUGE feet
10.) I love writing short stories, I'm actually working on a longer book.
11.) My parents are divorced, so on break i don't know if i can post a lot, since, my mom is picky on stuff like… the INTERNET itself.
12.) I loooooveeeeeeee to eat sour pickles, and ice cream is bae.
13.) I'm married to Jake Miller, Channing Tatum, Taylor Lautner, Justin Bieber, ThatcherJoe, and Austin Mahone.. but they don't know it yet…
14.) I love to watch Miranda Sings on youtube.. She makes me laugh when I'm down.
15.) I'm getting bored, even though this is about mwah.
16.) I live in the US
17.) I like to make videos.. but I never post them o.0 But my youtube channel is ShayShayXoXo WzW, make sure you subscribe (;
18.) I put on way to much hairspray my head hurts.
19.)I'm in love with the coco (In that voice you know of)
20.) My goal in life is to complete college, and see the roads of a acting career or singing career.
So yeah, I'm boring.. But I mean I forgot to say I <3 Light Pink and Light Purple. Like those colors. But anyways, Imma go to sleep. Goodnight my loves. XoXo <3

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