Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Fashion Fridays- New Year

Hey Crazy Crazers! It's meme! c: Okay so it's Fashion Friday (Wednesday edition lololol(i'm so sorry my old laptop has a load of viruses and i've been using it up until yesterday and I have my new one back now YASSSS)) and this weeks theme is New Year! WOOT WOOT! It's actually new year in exactly 39 minutes as i'm going back re-writing this! I hope you had an exceptional 2014 but an even more superior 2015!

Outfit one: WNS Goddess

 Hair: Prom Goddess Hair
Torso: WNS Strapless Dress
Legs: WNS Pop Shorts
Shoes: Pixel Heels

Outfit 2: Classic Crystal Glamz

 Hair: Glamz Prom Hair
Torso: Crystal cami
Legs: Classic minishorts
Shoes: Compact Heels

Outfit 2: Kitty Ballerina

Hair: Jenny's kitty ears
Torso: PeterPan Collar Ballerina
Legs:  Bubblegum POP shorts
Shoes: Ribbon  Balerina's

That's all for now!

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