Sunday, December 14, 2014

Hey Crazy Crazers! Guess who? It's meme! (: just a quick note before the acutal post please read! I'm so so so sorry for the lack of posts i've made i've been so busy and honestly i've just had no time! *cough* more trials needed *cough* -click that be-you-tiful link (; (; (: - click that be-you-tiful link (; (; (; oh and a new themes finally out so now you can jump into winter with Woozworld Craze! Anyway so lately i've been thinking that my schedule really does NOT suit my week so i've decided to change it to:
Monday: Song Contest 2014
Friday: Fashion Fridays with Meme
Sunday: Hot Topics of the week

Okay now onto the actual post! Fashion Friday with Meme, woot woot! :D So this weeks theme is winter outfits, next weeks will be christmas ofc and the week after will be new year (:
Outfit One: Urban but Classy Rebel Kicks
Hair: Urbanz hip cap
Torso: Classy Alter Ego Sweater
Legs: Her short jeans
Shoes: Rebel Kicks

Outfit Two: Time for the Arctic
 Hair: Arctic hat for her
Torso: Arctic Fashionista's Coat
Legs: Arctic Denim Skinnies
Shoes: Arctic Boots for Him

Outfit Three: Snowflake cutie
Hair:  Fringe Braid
Torso: Short Snowflake Dress
Legs: Any Shorts :)
Shoes: 4th of July Shoes- for her

That's all for now
Stay Awesome x)

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