Sunday, March 22, 2015

Advice #1 (Jen's Back On Trial c: )

Hello Crazers :)

Jen here and today I thought I would do an advice post. I asked people what they would want to be answered. Loads of questions came in and sadly I only picked a few. So here we go.

Anonymous: How do you create a successful shop?

Well, it really depends on how much effort your willing to put in. Honestly what I do is, I gather up all my mannequins and shop podz (that I can find). Then I take all my clothes that I don't really wear or like and put them into a pod. I then start sorting them out onto mannequins and such. Just a tip, don't put your prices really high, because no one will purchase it. I also design the unitz to make it presentable to the customers. Afterwards I obviously put it on events but also go out and tell people to come here. That's what I do, and it's worked so far. Hoped it helped :)

Anonymous: How do you get expensive clothes that look good?

I honestly have just collected them over the years I've been on Woozworld. At first, I bought wooz and VIP from Woozworld. Now I don't, I just sell as much stuff as I can, then I save up to buy what I want. It's pretty easy if you plan out what you want, how fast you have to get the wooz/beex so the garment doesn't get sold out or taken down off Woozworld, and how your going to earn the wooz/beex. Hope it helped :)

Anonymous: How do you get noticed on Woozworld?

The amount of times I got asked this, it's easy if you put yourself out there. The way I got noticed was I wrote a post for the Woozworld Blog and surprisingly I got picked. It then got shown on hot now and that's how it went. There is many ways to be noticed.

  • Enter Mya Wooz's Fashion Show, with the appropriate attire
  • Enter Contests
  • Play Max's Game Show
  • Become a Woozguide
  • And So Much More..
Hope it helped :)

If you want to enter in questions to be featured in one of my posts just message me. Jennacro6 :)
Also I don't put everyone Anonymous it's only if you ask :)

Adios Crazers, Have A Good Day :) xox
jen c:

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