Saturday, March 28, 2015

What to do about Scammers/Bullies :)

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Anyway, today I thought I'd talk about Scammers/Bullies and how to deal with it.


Make sure that you watch out for the Colour Scam which has been going around. Woozworld has been having a glitch, when you trade it might say something is colourable when its not, ask the person your trading with to colour it for you.

Also if you think that the person that your trading with is a bit sketchy your probably right. You know your getting scammed when someone puts down one thing, and it then doubles, meaning one will appear below it. I would honestly straight away exit the trade and report the person.


If someone starts being rude for no reason, obviously ask them to stop, if they don't report or block. Or tell a WoozGuide if one is around or message them. Also don't retaliate to the bullies in a rude way like them or else they have a reason to report you and you could possibly be banned.

And you don't be bully, don't start anything with anyone. If you do apologize straight away so you don't become known as a bully. Also never start an argument with extremely famous woozens, some of them may handle you themselves or others will get people to gang up on you.

Overall just don't be rude to people and don't start arguments.

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