Saturday, May 9, 2015

Outfit Inspiration: Headband & Ringlets Hair + Apology

On May 7th, four new clothing pieces joined the exclusive Zechic collection in Shopz. Two pieces released were for boys, the other two, for girls. In response to the new releases, multiple outfit ideas starring the Headband & Ringlets hair have been created, and will be shared in today's blog post.

Hey crazers, it's Alexis! It's been quite awhile since my last post, I apologize for that. I have 27 days left until my exams, so I've been attending quite a few review classes and spending time catching up on end of the year projects. Although I do love blogging and Woozworld, school does come first, and in all honesty, I think i've been doing too much school work- the introduction sounds quite similar to a hypothesis. Thankfully, I'm not going anywhere, and I've been on enough to catch up on all the latest news and trends going around! Which includes the latest Zechic releases!

Based on the title and the introduction, I'm pretty sure you all know where I am going with this post. I have mixed and matched pieces, and I've created four adorable outfits, all based around the Headband & Ringlets hair.

Outfit One: A Walk in the Flower Garden


  "Head to the flower garden in style this spring with this adorable and  girly flower inspired outfit!"            

  Hair: Headband & Ringlets
  Dress: Flowerva Dress

  Legs: Classic Minishorts

  Shoes: Knee-high Gladiator Sandals

  Color Codes:

  Purple: 7F74C2
  Gray: D2D2D2

Outfit Two: Spring in the City                            

  "Strut through the city in style this spring with this modern (yet girly) outfit!"

 Hair: Headband & Ringlets

 Shirt: UrbanBlossom Tank by AutumnLight

 Skirt: UrbanBlossom Skirt by AutumnLight

 Shoes: BohoSpring Sandals, KaTaRiNaSpArkZ

 Color Codes:

 Purple: 7F74C2

Outfit Three: A Floral Afternoon 

   "Take a afternoon walk this spring dressed in this flowy floral creation!"

  Hair: Headband & Ringlets

  Shirt: Divine Autumn Blouse

  Skirt: Ferntastic Maxi Skirt

  Shoes: Open Toe Clogs

  Color Codes:

  Purples: 7F74C2 (light), 685AB7 (dark)
  Gray: D2D2D2

Outfit Four: Simply Bow-ti-ful

  "Turn heads at prom in this bow-ti-ful outfit!"

  Hair: Headband & Ringlets

  Dress: Sheer Chic Dress

  Skirt: BohoSpring Denim, KaTaRiNaSpArkZ

  Shoes: Smart Ballerinas

  Color Codes:

  Light Purple: 7F74C2
  Dark Purple: 685AB7

  I hope you enjoyed today's post crazers! If you liked today's post, please add my woozen Alexis-Alexandra. If you have any ideas, please message them or post them on my woozin page. I have no ideas for my signoff picture, if you would like me to do a spring signoff picture contest please post on my woozin or message me! I would love to hear back from all of you guys, and I would love to befriend all of you!

Signing off,


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