Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Wacky Wednesday

Hey Crazy Crazers! Meme here :) It is Wednesday once again, which of course means it's... WACKY WEDNESDAY!!! This week for Wacky Wednesday woozworld has decided to realise four new 'hairs.' that are available for purchase for today only! I personally don't really like them that much and have therefor decided not to purchase any of them,, but that is just my opinion, so if you have the wooz and you wish to purchase them quickly hop online to buy them! Remember they won't be there for long. Incase you are not able to get online but still wish to see what is for sale I have inserted a picture of the items.

I also wanted to quickly mention that Woozworld Craze needs some more bloggers that are active and post to a good quality regularly, so if you're interested in writing and you can meet that criteria why not give blogging for Woozworld Craze a go? I will give the link below just incase you're too lazt to find it.
Apply using this link:

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