Saturday, June 6, 2015

I Am Back & Old Times | Libbyloolaloo

Hello Crazers,
 sorry its been 56 days since you saw me last... almsot 2 months. :/

However, life has just been chaotic for me. My Woozworld account wasn't even logging in for the first month, and for the second month I was just busy.. with exams and tests and things going on I never really had the time to post something on a blog without having to start something else.

The good news is, focusing on school.. I managed to get a 6C in my French speaking test so I am quite proud. :)

Another thing, I logged onto my Woozworld account and managed to find out that I had now been on Woozworld for 3 whole years! :o

Whilst I was on that note, I thought what's not better than going back some old times through my albums and sharing them with you?

They were the people I worked with in a movie, never finished but always remembered well. o-0 I am the one in the blue jeans, I was new. :)

One of my first ever friends, Jadeafix. :)

Me thinking this picture looked amzing,when really you can't even see me. ROFL. 

This girl was called Novaswa, she was my best friend for a very LONG time.

The day I got nominated for Star of the Week when Mya used to take photos and whoever had the most votes won, I was 2 votees away from winning the summer theme lol. TobanJ won. :)

Love you,

Libby x

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