Saturday, July 4, 2015

a little fun post!

Hey Guys cute mads posting ;3! if you know me I m a fashion poster and I'm always posting 2 cool, styles but not today! well who likes editing? and who likes fashion? and who likes woozworld? well I'm holding a fashion able editing contest! here's your steps
step 1. get dressed into your favourite and coolest out fit u have got on woozworld
step 2. get a unit or go to a unit that has some props u like u can use any unit BUT THE PHOTO MUST ONLY CONTAIN 1-4 woozens
step 3. save the photo
step 4. find it in a album and left than click save as button and save it to a file
step 5. g mail me at span or junk mail will be blocked and reported on woozen and will be deleted from the competition
NOTE- if u don't have a Gmail film or just make a video showing the edit faces and real life objects are not allowed in the edit woozens and others

okay guys back to the craze and normal blogging so I m going to chat to u guys about why people quit! so reason 1 people grow older XD just kidding  I m not really going to talk about that today lol I m really going to show u some of MYYY edits so u get the idea ohhhhhhhh  almost forgot PS. there are  places first second and third for the competition above and there are prizes but they are not yet conformed  so here are some edits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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