Friday, October 23, 2015

Fashion Tips?

Heyy Star is Back With Some Fashion Tips. Now Your Probably Wondering Why Im Not So Worried About Minty. We'll Get To That Later. ANYWHO! I Found A Woozen Who Had a Great Outfit! Their Woozen Name is RubyBaeBear

Hair: Frankenstein Ghoul Hair

Face: Frankenstein Ghoul Face
Dress/Top:Fantim Ghost Dress
Bottoms: Tropicadorable Shorts
Feet: Kady Flats

Alright So About The Minty Problem.I Found Her Near A Shady Tree Place.She Probably Told you to not tell me. Elephants These Days. She'll Get A Punishment Alright xD. We'll See you in the next post <3 -StarLightForever

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