Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Im A New trial Blogger! Call me Star!

Hey! Im A trial blogger Called Starlightforever! Call Me Star Cx Anywho i will be telling you my Woozworld Story Cx Lets Begin!

Alright So My Username is Starlightforever Ive Spent 6 years with 7 months on Woozworld Including My Hacked Accounts.Ive had 3 accounts. I Don't Really Have Much Friends. The Reason Why I Went On Woozworld Was To Get Some Friends and i did! An Amazing Expirence I Had Was when I Was participating In Map Game OF COURSE i didn't win.I Made lots of new friends that time.I Like to edit stuff to but i use one of my other computers to edit..
                                                  To The Basic Stuff

1. My Favorite Color is Mint
2.I Had 4 pets
3.I've Been on Woozworld for 6 years and  months as said
4.Im in love with starbucks
5.I Edit A lot
6.i like making new friends
7.I Love Reading
8.Im a Clumsy xD
9.I Only Have One Bestfriend (Shoutout To xXCandyDandyXx)
10.Im a Trial Blogger :o

Thank you for listening or Reading! Bye Loves -StarLightForEver <3

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