Thursday, November 12, 2015

How to Start a Store in Woozworld!

Hey guys!
I have now become a blogger for Woozworld Craze! Congrats to the rest of you that got in. If you didim't get in, thats fine! There will be other chances.
Anyway, now for my post. I'm going to teach you how to start a successful store in Woozworld!

  1. Buy some Shop Podz. You will need more than one if you want a successful store. You can find them pretty cheap on the Marketplace, and at cheap Beex or trade stores.
  2. Get an empty Unitz. You don't need to buy one, you can use an old one and empty it out.
  3. Place and fill up your Shop Podz. Good sale prices are 70-100 Beex for common stuff, and 2000-1000 for rarer stuff. Rare and VIP can go up to the Wooz section. It might not seem like a lot, but it will add up!
  4. (optional) Hire some friends to help. If you aren't online, they can help run your store. 
  5. Start an Eventz for your store, or ask friends to help you go out and advertise. Just don't over advertise, because that may annoy some people and then they won't come to your store.
  6. Have fun! Woozworld stores are a great way to save up money for new stuff!
Hope this helps! Have a great day!
Signing off,

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