Tuesday, October 21, 2014

About Me/Contest

Libby here, welcome LOLLYS xD

Anyways, I thought as all the old posts were deleted I realised I should make a new about me, as I am in the mood to posting today I will post off schedule because it's still posting right?

About Me

12 Years Old (Young, I know..)

Always Online, yet never posting on Woozin anymore
Fast Typer 
I love wholewheat pasta
I dislike carrots completely, beans and anything that tastes like your biting into a vain. Eurrgh.
I used to play football.
I hate chalk and thinks being scratched on a piece of paper, I can't do it at all. I can't even use a pen if it makes a sound on the paper.
 I am picky on friends.

Okay, that's the basics.. now the contest.

Your job is to send a variety of funny relatable quotes to me through message or on my wall.. if I find one I like alot I will save it. The best one will then be judged by me and a real life friend who has no idea about Woozworld. The winner will recieve a:

A set of tattooz

A set of shoes
A set of furniture
A edited picture

 Click the capital text -->   MY WOOZIN


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