Tuesday, October 21, 2014

New Craze! New Schedule! :)

Hello! Libby here. :)

Firstly, I would like to thank my cheese poof xmelonypetloverx (MEME) for taking me under her wing and letting me be an admin helper. Thank you bae xoxo

Moving on, so glad that we have restarted craze as we can finally make it much easier to handle and things will become alot more fun. :D

Now, before I didn't really have a schedule but I honestly thought it would be a good think to make one. It would be easier for me, and you would all know when to expect me to see my posts. :)

So, here it is :D

Monday- No posting

Tuesday- Posting about the latest events
Wednesday- Luxorious Libby's Fashion Trends
Thursday- No posting
Friday- No Posting
Saturday- Hosting a contest every Saturday, keep tuned! :)
Sunday-  No Posting

So theres my schedule! All the days I say I am not posting, I could but if I don't atleast I have warned you. :)

Anyways, see you my LOLLYS

It stands for:

Okay, it's messed but deal with it.

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