Tuesday, October 28, 2014

3 days left until #fashionfriday

Hey crazy crazers! It's meme c: Okii so you've probably seen this week there will be a SECOND fashion friday, yay! :D And mya wooz has just posted a three days to go post

Looking through the posts I can see LOADS of comments expressing their happiness on the sunchic hair and zombie being added and how much better it is than last time, what items will they reveal next? :o I also thought i'd write a list of confirmed items, here they are!:
Zombie leggings
Bowtea dress
Hearteva hair
Sunchic hair
Carnawooz skirt
I'm not sure what the name of the blue top in the '3 days left until #fashionfriday is but if you do know message me and i'll add it to the list and give you credit

~Signing off
P.S i'll be starting my scheduled posts tomorrow! ;D

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