Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Aloha Crazers!

So apparently #FashionFriday is back, and it will begin on Halloween Night?!
Honestly who is going to be online for that? The idea they have is great but also not the best. We get to choose what is coming back for 24 hours! It's great because if you really want something and no one sells it or does sell it and it's price is just... um yeah.
But then the bad side is.. If you have purchased it with actual money and/or credit and it's now coming back for wooz or beex.
Some of the suggestions have been..

As you can see, Zombie Legs and Bow Tea hair are getting the majority of the vote. Some people do not agree with this because, they have bought it for real money in the past and/or have purchased it for a good amount of wooz.

Whats YOUR opinion? What do you want to come back? Do you think this is a good idea? Remember #FashionFriday is on 31st October!

Stay Crazy!

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