Monday, October 20, 2014


Recently, the Woozworld Health Organization found a cure to the zombeardtosis.
If you look at store, You can find the cure, The package comes with an exclusive hair and the cure!
So , you can choose to be a zombie or you can choose to be stylish as eva or fil ;)
And for those of you who are not very familiar with the wooz blog, This is some short information on the article goodoldwooz has written:

Goololdwooz had decided to sneak in the laboratory of professor preztige, and he was able to uncover some lists of the compounds required to concoct the cure:

Slime from Albino Toads
Sun melted Chockolienz
The head of a rare purple mushroom
Ground-up rainbow gemz (which gives the cure its beautiful color)
Shed hair from Golden Yetiz

He successfully tested the components and he found the cure!

And for those who sadly cannot buy the store cure, Here's a temporary one:
1. Eat jelly
2. Dress the way you want
3. Drink water

After that, you will be able to be normal only for a temporary time until you restart or log off. Once your back after logging off, you will have the beard again! :(

And so, i hope i helped and covered a few information.
Have a happy zombeardosis time!

~Sinisterz aka. Sinz

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