Sunday, October 19, 2014

Halloween fashion

Hey Crazers!

Razzy here! So halloween is right behind the corner! You know what that means...

Heres a few ideas from me what you could be for halloween on Woozworld!
The following "Costume" is created by me xD

This is a "Fashionista Mummy" outfit it includes the following pieces:
Hair: Fantastic costume girl hair
Top: Mummy mesh top
Skirt: FancTEA skirt 
Shoes:Rock Queen Boots
Face:Azia Make-upz
This ain't really creepy but when you need a quick costume i quess you're good! c:

I also suggest Woozworld's costume sets (This isn't originaly a Halloween costume but i tought it looked fab for this ocasion!) Example the OLD Electricity outfit x)
I also checked the FABULOUS outfits at Mya's fashion show and the ones that caught my eyes were:
Ems37's outfit is Simply fabulous,It has a spooky twist with a light Fashionista touch ( MY OPINION) I love her choice <3
I also love ForeverIsEnough's outfit choice Clearly fabulous,has unique "older" pieces. And the color realy finishes it off! x3
There were Sooo soo many good outfits there x3 The theme was "Two toned hair"! I like the fact that people turned them into "Halloween costumes" Well kinda xD
More halloween related posts coming! Stay fab

Logging off Razzy ;3

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