Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Halloween Costume Ideas 'RL'

Hello, it's Libby. :)

This post today is not about Woozworld, but this post you read will still be very enjoyable as it gives you something to do in real life in preparation for Halloween.

Costume Ideas, ay? Yes, your right, their coming your way! ;)

Costume #1

I am personally a massive fan of Doctor Who, and have put together images of some of the characters you could be. First of, Matt.
Or, you could be Amy?!


There is also a little famous character, that you may know well from Corpses Bride.

Love that movie! Childhood memories. ;) My auntie dressed up as this last year, and just WOW.

Minecraft - Creeper and Steve, eh? Yess, I know I want to. :) Just make sure you cut some eyeholes.. you know, to see out of.

Hope you liked this idea, and I will get back to normal posts soon. :)

Byeee. xo


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