Saturday, October 25, 2014


Hiya LOLLYS! :)

Okay, so on Tuesday I posted a shcedule then realised I do not want to keep to that. I prefer posting what I want, so I decided to. So, that shedule can be ignored.

Anyway, have you heard? NEW FASHION FRIDAY?
That's cool! Coming on October 31st which you all know as HALLOWEEN! Mya said we can't ask for deadmau5, domo or bratz and uniks. I don't mind that much tbh, because no offence but they were ugly anyway and I prefer other outfits with a nice theme. 

 New outfits as well, for the halloween party on October 31st at 6PM WT!

Glitz and Rocky are not together anymore, and someone else is asking to be hers. Still no answer from Glitz yet though.

But they guy 'DeviousDean' said: Glitz, I may not be the richest of guys. But, I have a big heart. I love you alot, and your the only girl I want in my life. I know you go through alot, so I want to stop that. I want to be more than just a friend, I want to say I love you, and kiss when your sad. Glitz, will you be mine? <3

Also, here's his profile:
That's all for now! Catch up with you all later! Bye :)

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