Thursday, October 23, 2014

*Shay's Fashion Statements*

Hey Crazers! There are new outfits for Halloween. So here are my fashion statements/reviews for them! Let me begin!

#1 Glindaween Costume:

Hair- 9/10 It's cute and everything... just to much hair. Poofy, but I guess that's the point and it looks adorable. It's just to much volume and it doesn't really appeal to me much and it just seems to me as if it is too much..

Dress- 8/10 It is cute, I like the whole bracelet w/ it! It looks cute.

This outfit is mainly to me a 7/10

#2 Dolloween Costume:

Hair- 1/10 I think that the hair is like, a huge NO. Honestly, it can be cute but I think it's the most ugly thing I have ever seen on wzw.

Dress- 9/10 It cute, and fits with the theme a lot. I love the little stitches on the dress. It reminds me kind of the school type outfits.. but I guess its cute.

Face- 10/10 it's creepy and cute.

By far the whole outfit is a 8/10

#3 Esqueleta Costume:

Hair: 6/10 It's a little basic, but its cute. And looks adorable on the woozens who are currently wearing it. But it seems like something only certain woozens can pull off :/...

Dress- 4/10 It's a little or really A LOT different then I kind of thought it should be.. It's just not so much and it isn't quite appealing to me.

Face: 10/10 Really getting into the Mexican holiday type of theme.

This outfit is rated a 9/10 I think it just kinda works together in a way...

#4 Droidful Costume:

The whole outfit together I would say a.. 9/10
Hair: Well there isn't much hair.. so a 5/10

Top: Ehhh.... it's to ew. 7/10

#5 Ichabod Costume:

This outfit just seems to.... similar... well I guess it's just not appealing.. is it me or does it look like something else, I just can't figure it.. like another wow outfit?.... 1/10

So that is basically what I thought about the looks and how they were. They go with halloween... but they are just so BORING. Yeah I understand if they are having trouble with making outfits and not taking old ones... but I think they could do better. Btw, sorry for the terrible cropping... I hate MacBooks so much.. I have no idea how to use the grab tool thingy.. so I just had to crop it with so no hate xD.
Well bye and have a wonderful day!

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