Monday, October 20, 2014

Hot topics

Hey crazers! ;3

Razzy here im gonna do a little overview of Woozworld's hot topics! c;

I think you all are updated with "Zombreadtosis" but imma tell you about it anyway

The cure for "Zombreadtosis" has been found you can buy it off the store for 1.99 USD OR you can collect the components and make the cure!'You can make the cure only once. However the cure does not give you a vaccine effect so you have a risk in reinfection! :/ Also,we guessed right the infection is related to Eva and Fil, The cure and vaccine pack also includes an Exclusive hair For girls its Eva's hair and for boys its Fil's. If you are a new woozen or you dont know how Eva and Fil looked like you can google them XD

(- Thats me xD

Also woozworld added some old outfits in the store that were kinda ( TINY TINY TINY BIT) Halloween related! c: You can choose beetween; Prep life,Rebel life,Free spirit life,Nerd life or Jock life Clothing packs. Each pack comes with 2 outfits! Choose the theme that fits YOU and be Fab! x3

Also Ever after high is visiting Woozworld!!! >:D

You can choose either the Rebels or Royals, And then you have to collect collectiblz for you're team! c:
Visit the Ever after high unit to learn more about Ever after high! :3 <3

I guess thats it for now,I will keep you in touch when something exiting happens! c:

Logging off - Razzy <3

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