Monday, October 20, 2014

*Shay's Fashion Statements*

Hey crazers! So I got on today, which surprised me, but It was in class. I wanted to do something related to Halloween, but other trial bloggers kinda took that idea away from me.. so instead I guess I will just give some types on Halloween costumes on Woozworld and in real life since Halloween is my 3rd favorite holiday -Next to Christmas and my birthday- Basically I will state some ideas and I guess you can go along with it!

Tips: -Woozworld-
-Don't be afraid to go OVER THE TOP.. basically make up your own significant costume. Take things from the store and go over bored, don't be afraid to mix and match. (But if your stuck with the whole zombie thing then I'm sorry.. I ain't buying a cure...) And I know the feeling if you don' buy one.

-Don't go for the basics -Woozworld or not- Cats.. are overrated. But if you go for one then for both black leggings, black shirt, and you know the basic cat face.

-Buy things with wooz/beex that you KNOW you can afford. Don't waste all your beex if you know you will be upset later if you spend it all... it's just not worth it.

-Have fun

-Be the unexpected. Don't copy anyone else. If you like the outfit, great go for it but try and make some twists.

-Don't do the basics -like I said before-

-Don't spend too a good amount of $$

-Make your own costumes. I am all for it! I love making my own costumes. It is just a creative way to express yourself. I just love all the arts (Singing, dancing, painting, cooking, etc.). Being able to make your own costume can out stand so many people.

-Predict the weather -Don't get over layered, or to cold-

-If you have makeup use that, don't waste your time on buying it all

-Accessories! Create some outstanding works by doing so!
So I hope those tips work. *I will try and do my best to make so Fall apparel outfits after halloween is over*
Have a wonderful week!

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