Wednesday, October 29, 2014

MLB Champions/App Update

Hey Crazers! So anyone watch baseball? .... Sadly the Royals lost to the Giants. My whole state literally is silent. I can't believe how bad we did. 3-2. Wow... Kc was so energetic and now we are silent. I guess at least we tried. It's really depressing... the royals are life and we lost. Lemme cry rotfl. But congrats Sf Giants. Ya'll did... "amazing." So I hope you all enjoyed the game if you watched it...!!! Can't wait till next time...! Royals were on a roll! #Letsgoroyals
Next I wanted to talk about the app update. I got on and now they have marketplace and you can take pictures! Yayayay. Finally they added those features I was beginning to worry. We just need a Spin-n-Click and then my life is 100% completed. Spin-n-Click has recently added new 'rare' items if you haven't noticed! So get online and SPPIIINNN like crazy, just for Royals sake(;!
Well that's it for now. #KC is lyfe.

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