Sunday, October 19, 2014

Oh Snap

 Hey people! So basically my parents don't want to get me a new laptop =-= or a new phone until Christmas. So I am actually struggling to get on and freaking post every now and then. Sooo I am trying to see whats new with woozworld.. I am actually freaking out. Cause I can't do anything but sit at home with nothing to do. My parents both have a laptop/computers but I am not aloud to use them because I play woozworld '-'. Honestly I am saving up my money for a new one. I only have 100$ right now so it may take a while =-=. Sooo I am just gonna have to try... the only way I can get on is my sisters iPhone, but she messed it up so bad to the point it won't charge. I am really trying!!! And I miss and love you people xDDDD. Btw, good luck new trial bloggers ;)!!! It's suuuupppppeeeerrrr fun! Okay, I will try getting on later, if I can. Ttyl. Xoxo
p.s. Imma try and do Shay's Fashion Statements... xDD
-This sign off picture is sooo old- 

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