Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Fashion Friday Fall Haul :) (Friday Fashions Collection- Volume 1)

Hey Crazers! As you know.. We just had another FF! Today I'll be showing you my favorite outfit combinations! Here you go:

Outfit 1:
 Hair- B-day  Sweetie Hat
Torso- Chic Top & Beach Bag
Pants- Slim Jeans
Shoes- Guys Tommy's
Sweltering Summer
I'm kind of in love with this outfit... It's my second favorite of my collection. I just love how the top goes with the pants. This is the perfect outfit for summer. The hair also contributes to the summer theme and the shoes just look super cute!

Outfit 2:
Hair- Sun Chic Hair
Torso- EPIC Crop Top
Shorts- Bubblegum POP Shorts
Shoes- Ribbon Rhinestone Sneakers
Relaxing Rebel
This outfit is my favorite in the collection. It seems kinda rebellious the way the hair isn't real formal and perfectly done. The top and shorts match perfectly because the shorts just cover the skin perfectly! I love how they are high-wasted. And of course, the EPIC crop top is just amazing! The shoes just tie (get it.. shoes... tie xD) into the whole relaxing and not worrying about looking try-hard all the time.

Outfit 3:
Hair- Spartan
Torso- Patterned Tube Top
Shorts- Classic Mini Shorts
Shoes- Kicks with Studs
Sporty Skater
I fell that this outfit is just laid back and is super cute and perfect for anything. The hair and shirt match so well and the shorts compliment it! The shoes say so much to me.... They show that your ready for action but still look fab <3

Outfit 4:
Hair- Heartva Pigtails
Torso- SPLAT Tee
Pants- Emilous Shorts
Shoes- Yeti Boots
Dashing Dreamer
This outfit is tied for my second fav.. I've fallen in love with it over the part couple days. It's cute, and casual, and CUTE! The hair is so adorable but doesn't look like you took forever doing it. The shirt is super cute and causal and the pants compliment it perfectly. The shoes are just perfect and go perfectly with the hair and shorts!

Outfit 5
Hair- Spop Hair
Torso- Pixel Sweater
pants- Zombie Legs
Shoes- Ribbon Rhinestone Sneakers
Gorgeous Gamer
I love how this outfit isn't tight or show-off ish but it shoes people that you may not be a girly girl but you do like to have rocking hair!!! The shirt and hair compliment each other and so do the shoes and pants. I'm kinda crazy over wearing this xD

That concludes volume one! Every Fashion Friday after this one I will create another volume! Btw, the color code for the pink is ff0066 (00 are zeros) Thanks for being awesome crazers! Stay fab!


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