Monday, November 3, 2014

*Shay's Fashion Statements*

Hey crazers. So first off I just wanted to give tips on what to wear during the remainder of fall and into winter we go.  So here is how to dress for the winter weather! -This doesn't include the warm climates/weather sorry.-.
-Layer up: Don't wear to less, it's getting cold and you don't wanna get to sick, now do you? -cough-
-BOOTS: Boots/booties are my love. Omfg so I have combat boots, motorcycle boots, riding boots, like all of those type of boots and booties. PERFECT for the winter weather. But when you buy your boots, don't go for your exact size, especially with our feet growing constantly. Go for a bigger size, especially if you wear fuzzy socks, cause I know I do.
-Don't wear clothing that you know will get you freezing. Especially if you touch snow, and it gets through your clothing. Water proof clothing is best. But not to much lolol.
-Hats: I love beanies, and  I know a lot of other people do to. Wear hats that will keep you warm. Even if it's to school. Something warm is always the best.
-Gloves/Mittens: Adorable, but make it kind of match. Just to get the cute look.
Overall just dress with an amazing style YOU can ROCK. Have fun with it. It's winter! Happy holidays! Oh my I can't wait for Thanksgiving. FOOD >>> <3 Outfit Ideas for woozworld coming next week. Have fun my loves, until next time. XoXo

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