Sunday, November 2, 2014

Free = Yaas

Hey Crazers, sorry I haven't posted a lot. I was just kinda sleeping a lot lately.. I am just super tired. But anyways to get to what everyone loves their are free items @ a place called Romance Cafe. Get there, a lot of people are getting there to get their free items. I don't really think there are rares in the chest.. but who knows -I honestly doubt it- I haven't really went to the unit.. I looked on hot now and clicked it but I never clicked the chest... I got off right after that point. But go there and click on the chest. I'm pretty sure it's a limited time only. So make your way their and click on the chest! Sorry for the short post. #ShaysFashionStatement tomorrow, I kind of am gonna start doing my fashion statements every Monday so yeah, for Winter Outfits the next few weeks/etc. So stay tuned for tomorrow my loves. XoXo.
                       - New sign off coming soon to get into the Winter Wonderland Weather(; -

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