Sunday, November 9, 2014

Guess That Song Contest- Edition 1

Hey Crazy Crazers! It's meme! I'm here with a fabulous new contest for you called 'Guess That Song Contest 2014' which should hopefully run every week. (: Well it's not really new it was an old feature on craze that was taken over by me from angelinblack formally known as ScarletGoesRawr and AreanaPriscilla because she had no time, I believe the last time this contest was held was in 2013 however I could be wrong so yeah... Anyway Song Contest is basically a contest where I post a photo of my woozen saying some lyrics out of a song and viewers (that means you, whoever is reading this) message my woozen (xmelonypetloverx) with their guesses as to what the song is. You should message me the song name and the artist of the song (it doesn't have to be perfect, just understandable) for a chance to win a mystery prize. The prize is awarded to the first person to successfully get it right. The first three people will also be mentioned it a new feature coming soon on craze called 'Craze Hall Of Fame'

Rules: No members or trials may join, Craze rules sorry.
Entry must contain artist name and song.
No being rude if you do not win.
You may only submit two entries.
The contest will get harder each week.

This weeks lyrics are:
Goodluck (:

Signing off

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