Friday, November 7, 2014

*Shay's Fashion Statements*

Hey Crazers! So here is an outfit review of the new outfit.

Hair: I love the hair, it's the best part tbh. Its so cute. I would def wear it. 10/10

Top: I like the top. It is really creative. It  brings out the skirt very well. 10/10

Skirt: The skirt is super weird and it looks adorable. I especially like the fitted skirt underneath with the lace. This is so creative like the tutu bring out the whole outfit. 10/10

Shoes: The shoes are just crazy fab. Like This brings the whole outfit together. This brings the outfit to the next big step. 10/10

Overall this outfit is amazingly cute.  I like how creative this outfit went. It's been a while tbh that woozworld has done something so creative. I love it.

Well bye for now! See you later alligators! Well have an amazing weekend. 

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