Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Fashion Fridays With Meme

Hey Crazy Crazers! It's meme meme! c: So i'm finally starting my scheduled posts and Wednesdays are Fashion with Meme! :D So since time is not on my side today i've just picked three simple fall outfits I thought you could use. The outfits are made out of mainly 'every-day' clothing items and i've selected three different colours to use, however you can use whatever colours you wish too as long as they match
 This outfit is made out of:
Hair: Cute Fall Bangs with Beanie,
Torso: Bali Modern Blouse,
Bottoms: Kattitude Leggings
Shoes: Leopard Sneakers

 This outfit is made out of:
Hair: BowTEA Hair,
Torso: Jean & Lace Esanble,
Bottoms: '20s Caberet Skirt
Shoes: Ribbon Rhinestone Sneakers

This outfit is made out of:
Hair: Long Spring Hair,
Torso: Sports Jacket
Bottoms: Shredded jeans for Fall
Shoes: Rebel kicks

Stay awesome X)

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