Wednesday, November 26, 2014

*Kris Klauz*Thumbs Up*

Hey lovely's so now that we got the 2, Logan and Santa, I got one more for you! Kris Klauz. I'll tell you about him. Then another video at the end. So here is what they asked him and his answers. 

-Plus some weird video at the very end-

About Kris Klauz: 
Despite his humble beginnings, Kriz Klauz now is one of the biggest entrepreneurs of all Wooztime, a corporate tycoon who has revamped the idea of Woozmas. Starting out in Lib Street, Kris didn't have much help during his leveling up, which helped form his money-saving mind. Traditional Woozmas items like trees, decor, glass baubles are extremely cost-effective and durable... so how does he keep his costumers buying each year? New trees create the latest Woozmas styles! The current craze, the eTree6+, is the next to impossible to find - and stay away from those Galatree S5... they're mess to set up.

Now to his questions and answers:

What is your idea of a perfect Woozmas? 
Mo' mo' mo! I am all from traditional Woozmas. Friends and family gathered around an eTree6+ with all theirs presents underneath it... brings a real tear to my eye. That lovely Woozmas-themed TV dinner, microwaveable Woozmas spirit for the whole family. Sipping on some hot "Can't-Believe-It's-Not-Cocoa." Ahh, the Woozmas life.

How do you deliver presents?
Well of course I'm not far too busy to do that myself, so I "hire" unpaid interns. Their volunteer work keeps prices low on Woozmas items everyone knows and loves. The interns each have an eSleighAir2 that glides silently through the night. Reindeer are 100.000W a pop which is outrageous, mo' mo' mo'! Once at your house, they activate an eRing (watches are too costly) on their thumbs that opens the door and they get the presents exactly where they need to go!

Why should Woozens choose you?
I represent a traditional Woozmas. No one wants to be on a beach with all the sand or one where the Woozmas spirit is robotic. Most importantly, you save money while getting a good return - maximum Woozmas joy for your money. I don't waste time on bling or jewelry! Mo' mo' mo!


I honestly find him worse then the robot idea, or Logan... So let's see who comes next!
OKAY SOOOOO MY fellow friend Nat Wooz, also a blogger,  did the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Woozworld Style, I watched it last night, and I saw my name. I never noticed it before... so this is like a very late video but it's okay, I need an updated video.. last one was from like 3 months ago. But anyways, watch it ;) and subscribe, comment, also like. Cause ya'll are baes. Okay? Okay. So here is Nat's then mines. So subscribe to me, and Nat, like and comment xD. Haha. Okay yeah.

(Btw, Nat's looks better because, like I did this all in like2 hours because I forgot to talk when I was taking pictures so I had to add chat bubbles and edit so much that the end got lazy xD, and you could probs. tell but yolo. So yeah. Now mine ;o :

Have an amazing Thanksgiving tomorrow! XoXo

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