Wednesday, November 26, 2014


Hola woozens Ally is in da house!
well with Halloween over and Thanksgiving here we only have one more holiday
CHRISTMAS / WOOZMAS (in woozworld)
well this year things are going to be different
Santa is taking a year off and is going to let the woozens decide who the intern Santa will be.
So far we have met Logan a Beach Bum who is all about being calm and cool!
More information about Logan
She is from Mystic Alley 
If she gets elected she will transport presents by longboard so woozens might get presents late

and SantaX1 who is from the future and is about getting thing done!
More information about SantaX1
he is from Corotza and Colony V
If he gets elected he will deliver presents 50X faster than the speed of woozen sound

Well that's all for today!
 I will give more information about the other two interns when they come out!
Signing out 

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