Friday, November 14, 2014

*Shay's Fashion statements*

Hey my lovelys, sorry I didn't post .-. I am soo busy its so crazy. So I am just gonna do a simple review of the new outfits! (;

Outfit #1:

Hair: It's not my overall favorite, and I think it doesn't really look good with the long bangs. But it's okay.. 5/10
Top: It's cute and loos really good. I like it 10/10
Skirt: I like the whole below the knee type of length. It's retro and cute. 8/10
Shoes: The shoes are adorable and the little bows really make it stand out. 9/10

Outfit #2

Hair: I love the hair. It's adorbs and super stylish. 9/10                 Top: I like the whole muscle shirt with a bandeau and the print is unique, I just don't really like the little wrist bands. 8/10          Pants: They remind me of joggers and harlem pants all at once. Unique but not my fav. 8/10                                                        Shoes: Yeah, they look pretty basic and something you could get from shops... 5/10

Outfit 3:

Hair: The hair looks.. eh okay. Let's just say its a 6/10 for me.        Top: The top could be unique in a way but I think it's just not really at the point of being something I would wear. 7/10                     Pants: I absolutely hate them. I am being such a hater but I just think they are terrible... 1/10                                                                   Shoes: They actually are the best thing about this outfit. -.-8/10

Outfit 4:

Hair: The hair w/ the beard looks nice. I think its original and cute. 9/10                                                                                      Shirt: I honestly want this shirt. It's so slick and laid back that it's perfect. 10/10                                                                                Pants: They are pretty basic but I mean the outfit looks great with them. 7/10                                                                                    Shoes: I think they are in the middle between original and unique. To me it seems common. 6/10                                

Overall all these outfits were some what creative and they fit pretty well in the theme. Sorry if I am such a huge hater, it's just what I think. Oops sorry not sorry. So yeah have a wonderful weekend, see ya all monday or sometime xD. BTW I CAN'T WAIT TOMORROW IT IS SNOWING.. yaasss. XoXo 
P.s. Those colors make me think of Bob Marley now that I think about it o.0 #dontworryaboutathing
Oh yeah and just to brag I am eating cookies/baking cookies. Yum.

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