Monday, November 17, 2014

*Are Jax Going to Be Together Again?

Hey my Lovely's. So if you look at Max Wooz wall you will see something that catches your eyes. It's a new update to his bio/status. And if you read it you will see this. (here is a picture), Jax = Jenny and Max btw. xD. 

Max seems pretty upset about his whole break up with Jenny. It was Zeena to blame. I mean we all should of seen this coming. Zeena is pure evil. (Except when she helped on win Woozworld and not Iceworld.) She would of done this. She wants everyone to feel terrible. I feel that Max and Jenny were perfect together. Zeena got mad and made an equation to make the couple no longer together. She used the poor couple to hurt their image with the publicity. (That's what I think). Will their couple come back together? What do you think?  On May 6th 2014 they broke up, and now all of a sudden he says these things now. Kind of suspicious. But lets see if Jenny will go back to him, seeing she seems much happier without him. Or is this just the beginning to Zack's plan to get the couple apart and he told Zeena what to do? Zack must be putting things to an end for the two so he can have his beloved Jenny back. Well, we will see what happens later on. Leave what you think will happen next in the chat box over der ---> on the column thing.
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By my loves, xoxo.

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