Monday, December 15, 2014

*Actors/Actresses Wanted*

Hey my lovely's. So I, I actually just noticed I type "So," and "Basically" a lot… :/ But back on topic. I needed a few actress/actors (;! Cause I mean I have this whole movie in mind I wanna do on Christmas break. I don't know if I should say I need a certain amount of people. But I wrote the story, last month on Thanksgiving break and I thought, hmm maybe I should make it a woozworld film. So I decided, yeah I'll do it. My break is going to start on Friday @ 10:30, and I wanna see how long it will take to get finished..! I am hoping to get it down before Christmas, or not to long after. So this is where you all come in. I need you all who would want to be in a film to email me on my email or message me on woozworld. My name is: ShayShayXoXo, and my email is: So if you are willing to help me, thanks! I don't bite.. I promise. I just wanna see how my idea would turn out towards other woozens, just basically seeing if they like it or.. it's a no no. If you are interested though, just contact me as soon as possible. I literally have two other people I know who will help, because I contacted them this weekend. So yeah. I won't tell anyone what it's about, just yet. But if your interested and get on woozworld, on a typical few hours, and preferably same time zone (central) or your up/the time zones are almost close that would be amazing. I would love any actors/actresses. I do know I can tell you all one thing, it's in the drama genre in movies. So, if your interested, just contact me, and I will tell you just the background of the movie. I won't really have parts, but here is what I need to know in the email/message about you for a particular part. (Please, use this format.) Please try to contact me by Friday December 19th, the earlier the better. (So I can tell you, your part.)

Name: (Only if you email me xD, otherwise I will see it.)
Around what time do you get on?
About yourself: (Hobbies, personality, etc.)

I will email/message you back as soon as possible, so if you have waited a long time (probably not that long, just re-message me.)

That's basically all I need to know, if you want to go into more detail, the better, just don't make it a whole page long because I know I might or might not read it all. Just keep it simple, the more detail the better. So yeah, contact me, do whatever is up in the paragraph above. I'll see you all later my lovely's! XoXo.

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