Monday, December 22, 2014

Hey Crazy Crazers! It's meme! c: Okay so it's Fashion Friday (Saturday edition lololol) my laptop wouldn't let me access blogger to post until now :c

Outfit one: Santa's lil' helper
 Hair: Woozmass elfz hat
Torso: Candy Cane Winter Tunic
Legs: Her short jeans
Shoes: Yeti Bomber Fur Boots

Outfit 2: Woozmass Doll
 Hair: Dolloween Hair
Torso: Woozmass Sweater
Legs: Woozmass Leggings
Shoes: Woozmass Boots

Classicz Hat for her
Torso: Fancy belt coat
Legs:  Polka Dot leggings
Shoes: Kicks with studs

That's all for now!

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