Saturday, December 13, 2014

*DIY Christmas Gifts*

Hey my lovely's. It's noon, and  I wanted to do another post, because I had a post on the outfits.. but here is a do yourself post, it isn't related to woozworld.. but just for the Christmas Spirit! So here is a whole post based on DIY's for ya'll to do for loved ones, friends and family. Personally I will show you guys some I did, and some that are very inexpensive. Making home made things, is just so cute, and it really shows you care about someone or people in general special. I love getting home made gifts from people, they make me smile because people can be so sweet and really think about what you like and how to make it a gift. I got all my ideas off of a few sites, so I will put the site names, at the very end. So yeah. I hope you all try them for yourselves, and have fun doing so!

First Gift:

What better then a Christmas theme mug for your parents, hot coco, and marshmallow will explode with how cute they can turn out.
What you need:
-A mug, that is plain. (Literally like most stores sell them from $1-5)
-Sharpies (Markers, can be at like Target, Wal*Mart, and craft store for cheap from $1-5)
-A template (Optional, if you want to print off a picture and kind of mimic it you can.)

So basically all you do is draw whatever you want on the mug. Or use a template if you print one off. It is so inexpensive, and very cute. I love the little candy cane strips on the second mug, but they are adorable. You can also add like hot chocolate packs and even marshmallows.

Second Gift:

These Christmas phone cases are super cute. They are great for friends, siblings, parents, etc.

Materials you need:
-Phone case (Clear/Plain colors from $1-8)
-Sharpies ($1-5)
-Jewels (You can get them for different prices at different stores.. and it depends on the store maybe $1-20)
-Super Glue/ Hot Glue Gun

Basically you make whatever reminds you of Christmas! They end up super cute and adorable at the end.

Third Gift:

Candy Candy Candy! Everyone loves candy (Well not everyone…)!!

Materials you Need:
-2 Candy Canes (Per sleigh) (Packs are like literally $5-10)
-Chocolate Bars/ Or any large bar (Skittles etc. -Usually about $1-10)
-Ribbon (You can get some from the dollar tree and stuff for $1-5)
-Tiny Bows! ($1-5)

So you put two candy canes upward, like so. Then just stack candy according to size. Tie it off with ribbon, and stick the bow on! ;o Fun ideas for christmas huh!


So overall, these are very simple cute gifts you can do for Christmas.  I hope you like them, cause these are ones I love. So yeah. Not to much for doing this! Have a great (whatever time of day your at) and have a wonderful break. I haven't started mine, mine starts next Friday after finals! So yeah! Have fun!!!! XoXo

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