Sunday, December 14, 2014

Nat's Fashion Sense

Helooooo people!  Today I will be reviewing the new sweaters in the store!! Let's just get started..

(I like the color palette on the right wayyy better btw xD)

Sweater 1: (Top left) "Triangle Pattern"
I think it's super cute and perfect for winter! 

Sweater 2: (Top right-ish) "Snow Pattern"
This is deff my favorite sweater! 

Sweater 3: (Middle) "Deer!"
This one is really perfect for any xmas party!

Sweater 4: (Bottom right-ish) "Nerdy Rudolph" 
This one is just sooooo perfect!!!!

Sweater 5: (Bottom left) "Deer Pattern"
<3 so fab!

Sorry for the shorter post! But i needed to give my opinion lol xD

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