Thursday, December 4, 2014

*Filter and Calender*

Hey my lovely's so I am gonna do a short post today.. since there is just 2 updates that came to mind. So the filter has been fixed, thank god, cause the filter annoys me. Only certain woozens can say there names and you can say names, way more then just May, Max, Jenny, Jay, Lilly, Matt, and etc. You can say numbers, but after 4 you have to type like five, six, seven, eight, nine.. and so on. So yeah. But just make sure you don't say bad things because that might lead to being banned. Also there is a new units called KidzWorld. It is basically is a social networking and magazine for kids, but it's safe. It's just being yourself so make sure you go to the unit and check it out. Also there is an advent calendar out. For Woozmas counting down every day you log in and get a chest. So for I've seen ugly yeti's... I personally think they are ugly because they seem way to girly.. even though I am super girly, they just are to much for me. But anyways have an amazing day. Love you all xD. XoXo

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