Friday, December 5, 2014

Hey Crazy Crazers! Guess who? It's meme!
We need more trials, if you think you have what it takes why not join!? -click that be-you-tiful link (; (; (: - click that be-you-tiful link (; (; (; Anyway so i've just found a post that I never made public and it'll probably be my last ever fashion post, so enjoy!

I've created a few outfits that look stunning by only using white and a natural coloured hair, so please enjoy and try them out c:

 Hair: WNS Ponytail
Torso: Pool Party Top
Legs: Sweetz Candy Skirt
Feet: Princess Wedding Heels

Hair: Heartvahair
Torso: Rebel Pirate Top
Legs: Classic minishorts
Feet: Kicks with studs

Hair: Emolous Hair
Torso:  Cavewoman
Legs: Plaid Schoolgirl Skirt
Feet: Urbanz fur boots/Yeti boots (different name same thing)

~Stay Awesome X)

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