Sunday, December 7, 2014

*Shay's Fashion Statements*

Hey my lovely's. So, I will probably be watching Youtube videos all day... cause I have no life on the weekends.... but then again I always can't wait for weekends..? Well, anyways. I wanted to do an outfit review, cause I am honestly going to buy the outfits. Since they are fabulous. (Thanks Grandma for coming over, even though it was an 8 hour drive and paying me to watch my cousin. Since my mom made me stay home ALL day since they went shopping.. and I have a skin infection, but still...) So yeah, let's start ;o. So let's start? x) And I meant to do this post Friday, but I went to a party... so yeah...!
Outfit #1 Comfymas

So this outfit.. everyone seems to be wearing.. but I honestly think the hair is.. a little eh, and the jeans just remind me of Spar or floral jeans.

Hair- I like it, but the beanie seems to be iffy on my. It doesn't clash with the hair so much, It would be cute, but it looks so much like someone tried to stick the hat on/ beanie and not even let the head breathe xD.
Shirt- I see what they did there xD. With the whole new Yeti's they did this Christmas, they put it on the sweater. It's cute.
Pants- Just reminds me so much of Spar, the polka dot jeans already in store, and floral jeans. But other then that, I like them
Shoes- The shoes look nice and plain and simple. It looks nice

Overall- 8.5/10

Outfit #2 Bowmas

I'm just gonna say it, I love this outfit. It's cute and stylish and adorable.

Hair- It has a bow, so I am obsessed. I like how messy it looks with the bangs, and the ponytail is all swift and not all straight.
Shirt-I like the scarf, and the sweater combined. It looks amazing. Im a huge fan of that.
Skirt- Reminds me of Heart-Eva skirt, but I like the stocking on it so I give it a like 6.
Shoes- The shoes are literally the same as the other 2 outfits. But it's cute.

Overall- Love love love love love. I love it. 9/10

Outfit #3 Casuas

This outfit, I am really going for. I like the look. Overall it just looks super cute and adorable and so causal and plain all in one but with a nice style.

Hair- It looks similar to a hair, but I can't recall which one but I like it, especially with the head wrap thing xD.
Top- I like the coat. It looks super cute and plain. It is just a fashion yes.
Pants- Just casual black pants, no one could really say no to that.
Shoes- They are another version out of the 3.  But look smoother xD.

Overall- I love this outfit. It's super casual and something I would wear all the time. 9.5/10

Overall all of these outfits are nice. That is something so chic and nice. Also there are Yeti Bober outfits with the $9.99 packs and above. So yeah. Btw, have a great Sunday. Bye. XoXo.

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