Friday, January 30, 2015

Fashion Fridays With Meme

Hey Crazy Crazers! Guess who? It's meme! (: another quick  note before I actually start the fashion friday post, please read! I'm so so so sorry for not posting in what? 4 maybe 5 weeks?  i've been so busy with school and editing i've honestly had no time!! Plus my laptops been broken for like 6 months now and it's being fixEd AGAIN. *cough* craze needs more trials, you should apply (; *cough* -click that be-you-tiful link (; (; (: - click that be-you-tiful link (; (; (; okay i'm gonna change my schedule one last time as my posting schedule really does NOT work for me so i've decided to ONLY do one post a week (or at least try to) which is:  Fashion Fridays with Meme :D

Without further ado let's get started on the actual post ! Fashion Friday with Meme, woot woot! :D So i've decided for the next 3 weeks i'm going to use 3 themes; in this case colours, that correlate to each other, this weeks theme is white, next weeks theme is black and the last week is black and white!

Outfit One: WNS Pool Candy 

Hair: WNS Ponytail
Torso: Pool Party Top
Legs: Sweetz Candy Skirt
Shoes: Princess Wedding Heels

Outfit Two: Pirate with a  heart

 Hair: Heartva Pigtails
Torso: Rebel Pirate Top
Legs: Classic minishorts
Shoes: Kicks with studs

Outfit Three: Wild Schoolgirl

Hair:  Emilous Hair
Torso:Wild Huntress Faux Fur Vest
Legs: Plaid Schoolgirl Skirt
Shoes: =Yeti boots/ Urbanz fur boots (Yes they're both the same thing but it seems to have two names)

That's all for now
Stay Awesome x)

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