Saturday, January 31, 2015

x) Oh guess who's back back back, back again -gain -gain -gain. Shay is back back back. Ew no. Worse way to bring myself back in the game. I have gotten even more awkward…?!?! So anyways, I said I was going to do a Fashion post, but like, I forgot to take a capture of the outfits, and I really don't want to because it's literally going to be 1 am in like what, 19 minutes. I am so tired. But the Super Bowl is tomorrow (; -Seattle Seahawks all the way- (I only cheer for them because I have a Seattle's Seahawks beanie, lmao!- So anyways, I'm going to make a freaking schedule so like, I have reminders set for when I should post. So basically this is going to be my schedule:

Monday- Classic, something to do with Fashion.
Tuesday- Not posting (The day's I usually have loads of hw.)
Wednesday- I guess I'll do updates or something xD I'll find something (;
Thursday- Not posting (Because I'm lazy af')
Friday- Probs, a video or something interesting Idek, we weill both find out.
Saturday- I have a "life" aka youtube.
Sunday- My sleep all day, day. xD

Idek if this schedule will even work, but it's worth a short aye. So yeah, I'm gonna go to bed, and stuff, and I'll see ya'll soon c;! XoXo, Shay.

Don't even judge. I'm to lazy to update things now a days. And I know it looks ratchet xD
That's why it's small (;

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