Friday, January 16, 2015

Hey lovely's Shay here c: Just you know wanted to update you all on the Nationz, and about the feature they will have soon where the brb thing that goes over your head, you can change it to when you display when your away c: Sounds cool right, hehe. Also NationZ GameZ is coming soon that wins will slit a million woos amongst it's tributes. So get "training" lmao. Wooznis and Beexta outfits are in the shops c: I'll have an outfit review out tomorrow c: But onto the new things:
1.) You can move your units with your mouse.
2.) You can spin your wooden by clicking on it.
3.) Colorable items will be shown in the trade
4.) Delete comments on units.
5.) View purchase history in Setting then Account
6.)World button shows bigger. Like the places that are on Hot Now and stuff.
7.) "Feeling Lucky" button that takes you to random units.
8.) Button to remove tattoos.
9.) When trading your inventory opens automatically
10.) Large and new font
11.) Icons changed (Plus the brb thing above^^)
and thats it c: SO yeah stay tuned lmao. Bye xoxo.

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