Thursday, April 9, 2015

New Outfits + Review

Hey Crazers! I'm Alexis, your latest trial blogger. I've been M.I.A for a while... But don't worry, I'm alive again, and I'm ready to bring you the latest eventz and the latest looks in fashion.

Now... on with the post!

It's thursday, and that means... New outfits have been released!! This week theme ties in with the previous themes- SPRING! However, the four outfits of this week follow more of the 'Flower' aspect of spring. I thought as a little treat- I would post images of the outfits released for the girls, and review them!

Outfit One: DAHLIA

"Marie Antoinette's dramatic favorite flower."

Hair: Dahlia Half- Pony with Bangs
- Party in the front, business in the back. This half- pony is simply A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E!! I love the sideswept bang in the front, it adds a bit of edge to the usual soft appearance of a classic half - pony. Although it's not pictured, theres a small triangle in the back of the hair (Pictured on bottom).

Score: 10/10

Dress: Dahlia Dress
- I love this dress, in my opinion, it's one of best dresses they have come out with yet! I love the geometric pattern on the top of the dress, and how it transitions to a solid color, then back to the geometric pattern along the bottom (not pictured). It's perfection, it really honestly is.

Score: 10/10

Legs: Dahlia Skirt
 - The skirt is not pictured, however, it's not much- at all. The skirt is literally a copy of the dresses bottom. It's cute, just too repetitive.
Score: 4/10

Shoes: Dahlia Heels
- The heels are not pictured in the image (no surprise there), but are actually extremely adorable. Although cute, the shoes have a bow and a small patch of ruffles on the toe of the heel, which doesn't match the edge of the hair or the dress. Although the heels are adorable, the ruffles or the bow doesn't match well with the edge the dress and hair portray. I think the heels would of been better if they were plain, and left the bows and ruffles for a different outfit.

Score: 8/10

This the full Dahlia outfit, front and back, modeled by my woozen Alexis-Alexandra. I choose a deep red color, which isn't very 'springy.' Yet, the red color is classy, as it is very similar to a red rose color, and a huge portion of spring is for those beautiful blossoms!

Outfit Two: Laurel 

"Crown yourself like an Ancient Greek athlete."

Hair: Laurel High Ponytail
- In the front, the ponytail looks adorable. The bangs in the front, plus the longer hair on the sides frames the face beautifully, achieving a soft- yet winning- look. However, once you get to the back and side of the hair- it's a whole different story. The ponytail itself is short- a portion of it alone is hair elastic. The hair is a bit choppy, and has a bit of a wave to it. I can see the athletic purpose in it, however, I'm not a fan of the look- AT ALL. If the ponytail was thicker and longer, I'm sure it would look just fine.

Score: 3/10

Top: Laurel Sleeveless Blouse
- This top is adorable, perfect for spring! I love the pleats along the buttons, and the little cutout on the bottom. The ruffles along the sleeves- well, where the sleeves would be, is super cute, and super springy! I love how it pairs with the collar,

Score: 9/10

Bottoms: Laurel Floral Shorts
- These shorts pair with the top beautifully, and are simply perfect for spring! The floral pattern is beautiful all around the shorts, and left un-colored, they provide the outfit with a fun pop of color- and pattern! The best thing about these shorts is that they can be worn in multiple outfits, and provides a floral kick to any outfit.

Score: 10/10

Shoes: Laurel Flats
- No surprise, they aren't pictured, but that doesn't stop me from reviewing them! These flats are pretty classic, they're basic flats, yet they have a small triangle on the side, which provides a sweet pop of color. I like these flats, although I'm more of a heel kind of girl.

Score: 9/10

 This is the full Laurel outfit, front and back, modeled by my woozen yet again. As you can see, the hair is like I mentioned before, pretty in the front, not so pretty in the back. It gives the woozen head a weird shape, like the back part of the head is higher than the front (or that could just be me). It's a cute outfit (besides the hair), and is certainly perfect for spring!

Until next time...


(Signoff photo coming soon)

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