Friday, April 10, 2015

Woozworld Fansite Contest and Old Edits|Libbyloolaloo

Hello :)

New header is coming out soon, and I am really looking forward to see the design. :)

The new Fansite Contest is out and if you would like to enter, then read below!

Do you own a Woozworld fansite? If so, this is a message for you and your bloggers!
We’re looking for the best and brightest of Woozen-run blogs to become *official* Woozworld fansites, designated by an awesome official logo (image to come!).
In preparation for the launch of Woozworld’s app for Android(TM), we will invite the owners of our official fansites to an extra-special exclusive press event on April 15. At this event, fansite representatives will all get to ask a question of one of our Tech Team members working on developing the app! You can then share the info with your followers.
Interested in making your blog an official Woozworld fansite? Here are some Woozrules to keep in mind…
- Make sure your blog is active by posting at least once a week
- Be creative! Post fun content, photo edits, puzzles, games, anything you can dream up
- Host events in Woozworld to promote your blog or get material for new pieces
- Have a team of reporters to help your fansite cover a variety of topics
- Include tips & tricks in your blog to help your readers navigate and enjoy Woozworld
- Express your opinions on features in Woozworld (but be sure to express yourself politely!)
- Promote your website in Woozworld without spamming
- Follow Woozworld’s Code of Conduct
- Spam the WoozIN, Woozworld, or other social media with ads or links to your blog
- Use inappropriate language
- Bully or attack other Woozens
- Scam other Woozens or collect their account information (email address and password)
- Collect or share any personal information (for example, your full name, email address, real-life photos, any information that could lead to your location)
- Use your site to make money (no advertising of account trading, exchanging Woozworld items for real money, etc.)
- Promote the use of 3rd-party applications to affect features in Woozworld
We will be monitoring the official Woozworld fansites, and any site that engages in any of the behavior listed under “DON’T” will be removed from our list and disabled.
We know a lot of you out there have great talent for creative writing, reviewing, and Woozworld edit art, and we can’t wait to see your sites. You can submit your blog for approval via the BLUE podz in the Woozworld Plaza!
See you soon in Woozworld!
Your blog-loving Woozband

If you would like to see that, then it is on the Woozworld Blog too. :)

Now, I was going through a couple of old photos recently and have found some old edits of mine. I am not saying that I am 'The Best' editor, because i'm clearly not. I'm just showing the way I am progressing, because the edits are very different from how mine are now.

Now here are some of my newer edits.

As you can tell, I have changed a bit. These edits though, are quite old too however the bottom one is the most recent.

Hope you enjoyed this post. :)

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